Thursday, April 20, 2006


She didnt want her picture taken that day. I can still hear her, feel her little hand, smell her baby smell. She was the last of my babies and I have cherished every day of her because I knew she was the last one. During the first sonogram of her, the technician said "Look she is playing jumprope with the umbilical cord !" Her nickname is Sweetie. I also call her High School Princess.

Last week as my plane landed in Atlanta my cell phone rang.
I answered it.

The voice on the other end said " Hi Diana , this is Mr. C (social studies teacher). " I called to let you know that your daughter and her friend have been frequently using the words "sexy" and "kinky" as adjectives and descriptors to describe countries and maps in class "

"Oh really ?" I flatly replied....and then let his stupidity sit there in the wide vacant space between us. The conversation ended quickly after that.

She makes A's , she loves her mommy and her daddy, she works like crazy on her homework each night,she has sweet friends, she loves kickball and American Idol and Lee Anne Rimes and babysitting. She is loud and funny. She is a goof and she still travels thru life jumping rope with the umbilical cord.

I could not force her to smile for a picture when she didnt want to back then
and I cant force her to not say goofy things in class now.....
but this morning I let it slip that I was counting the minutes until she went to school !


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

I like how you wrote this, it flows, it bulids up and jumps and settles down, it is soulful and playful rich and good! Lucky Mother, Lucky daughter, Sexy Kinky Jump the cord good!!

capello said...

Oh, come on now. Surely that teacher already knew for a fact that Italy is sexy and Germany is kinky.

Mary Jane said...

thanks for the visit to my site...and your so very sweet daughter will always have the same soul you met the day of her birth...your connection will never end...high scool is only the first test...