Saturday, August 29, 2009

... a little help from my friends....

This summer my love for reading design blogs has returned with a vengeance. After spending the last 12 months immersed in renovating a little 1930's stone house from top to bottom, I am thirsty for inspiration. The blogosphere never disappoints with the wealth of shared creativity and generosity of bloggers .

Kitchen renovations have been at the top of my viewing list lately... although deficits in attention cause me to linger on ALL posts pertaining to design.

Anyhoo... on a budget with 2 in college and trying to get my mojo going... I was elated when I stumbled upon the Southern Hospitality Blog and sweet Rhoda's post about staining a banister with a polyshade product. As Rhoda says "The beauty of Polyshades is that it’s stain and poly all in one." Well the banisters in my house are fine... but my kitchen table was in serious need of an UP-DO as evidenced in this picture.

Oh wait.... it is so icky.... I kept a tablecloth on it and didn't take a before picture. BUT.. go ahead... use your imagination to picture a honey-colored 1970's era LOVELY piece of furniture.

I used the polyshades black stain... no sanding , no priming, just took the tablecloth off and cleaned off the surface a bit. So with one coat of a $7.00 can of black polyshades stain... this is my result :

I am so happy with the results! Even got an exclamation (positive) from the college princess when she saw it. I also spray painted the chairs white... they were turquoise.

Thank you Rhoda and thanks to all of the design bloggers out there who inspire us with their wonderful posts. Hopefully I can inspire someone with my little project.

This project motivated me so much that I have since painted the kitchen cabinets and the walls... TWICE .... but that is a different post!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It is a new door for us, both literally and figuratively... another new chapter.

The little stone house in Fredericksburg has sold and we have moved our summer belongings back to the seacoast of maine into a 1980's fixer upper. We will slowly renovate this seacoast home while high school princess.. now college princess attends university up here. The eldest princess is seeking employment here as well . Both are determined that I do NOT find another reason to sell . Squatters rights?

Anyhoo... the front needed a quick makeover with some purply blue paint on that green door. it feels more like our home.