Friday, March 02, 2007

Too blessed to be stressed...

High School princess wanted to watch the academy awards this past week end. It wasn't on my list, but since I had been sick in bed all week and since she was sweet enough to want to be with her sick mama... i did her a favor and watched the whole enchilada... barbara walters,the red carpet, and then dozed thru the actual awards show.

High school princess loves watching the stars arrive on the red carpet and to me the best red carpet moment was when John Travolta told Joan Rivers his life philosophy " I am too blessed to be stressed.",

but as the night drug on, I mean passed by... I kept thinkin about that cute John Travolta.... and ya know..just like John, I am so blessed...we all are...

And so once in awhile... I am gonna dance a little dance and sing a little song with John...

I am too blessed to be stressed. I am too blessed to be stressed.

Please dont call HS Princess to see how this is goin... i'm workin on it...k?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rock solid

My college princess is a gentle giving soul. She is my first born and came out of the womb smiling,talking, and reaching for her mommy. During the years she has bestowed me with many gifts in quite a celebratory fashion: dried weeds, love notes,imaginary food she cooked in her baby kitchen,songs,artwork, pottery... the list goes on and on.

The summer after my father died, she and I were in a little giftshop when she spied a group of rocks. Each rock had a word of inspiration on it. She immediately picked up one and presented it to me as a gift. All of the love gifts this child has given me have melted my heart... but this rock melts me to my core. I keep it on the coffee table.

This rock of love is my daily reminder of the importance of rock solid love... unconditional love that I yearn to give to my children, my husband,my friends and family. If my legacy is this rock-solid love then I will leave this earth an eternally happy woman.