Monday, October 23, 2006

Crime and Punishment

Every Mom has been there.... the one final sibling tiff that sends her over the edge. For me... it was last night around 11 PM... 2 HS kids fighting.... I let DH handle it last night.... but that did not stop me from I mean thinking about it.... until 3 AM... and by 7:30... I had my speech ready. What did I say ?

Well this morning I told my 2 HS kids that I was on strike and that I was not going to be there to pick them up from school.... they would have to walk home( it is less than 2 miles)... my daughter looked as if I had told her I was going to take away her straightening iron for the rest of the school year.

So did it work ? Well 45 minutes after school dismissal, Fred and Ethel ( as we affectionately call the 2 darlings ) came thru the door just laughing and chatting as if they had been to a party. " Oh Mom we had so much fun walking home...we want to do it all week... and you wouldnt believe how many people we saw and talked to on the way home"

hmmmmmmmmm I guess my punishment worked... they spent 45 minutes together... not fighting....

picture: the view from my car everyday at HS pickup