Thursday, November 30, 2006


Thank you to my sweet bloggy friend Laura. Last summer I sent her a few things from the flea market in Maine after she had a major foot injury. Well Laura has been working on a secret project and over a week ago ( I know I am late) I received this lovely pincushion, seam ripper, and lavendar chocolate bar from her. I love the pincushion, I love reading Lauras blog bc she always makes me laugh, and I love the fact that the fabric she used to make the pincushion was from Lawrence Kansas ! Go Jayhawks !!

Notice my restraint ladies... I have waited over a week to eat the Lavendar chocolate bar ?? I was not gonna eat it til I took a picture...

Thank you Laura for your sweet friendship .

Monday, November 27, 2006

Little Brown Bag

"Mommy, are you sure you aren't hiding a little brown bag with a bottle in it ?" my darling College Princess asked me last week....

WHAAAAT?? I was stunned... no, I was sore... sore because I had just fallen... AGAIN. I have had 5 mishaps-falls in the last 6 wait.6 mishaps if you count the stabbing.

Anyway... 8AM Friday Mom arrived... armed with black duct tape... and this is what she did with that duct tape:

She marked the steps in the kitchen.

And speaking of the kitchen... here are some more pictures. Pardon the dry vac and the plastic at the end of the room.... the Alvarado Brothers are at work on the laundry room.


The news ????? fall is here.... and I am in the closet ! Look at those fall colors in the valley behind our house... ahhhhhhh love it !!

The biggest news in my life is this: DH and I moved our clothes into our NEW closet last week end. Seven weeks of living out of boxes and the hall closet....over ! The Alvarado brothers worked on this space for 2 weeks but oh it was worth it ! We still have to put something on the floor, but for now I have a rug in there over the concrete. Here is a peek into our new closet.

I am in heaven !! More pictures out of the closet tomorrow.
Thanks to each and every one of you for your encouragement these past few
weeks of chaos... hugs to you !!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Night Life

I heard from 4 bloggy friends today and those sweeties Amy, Corey, Alicia, and Laura each gave me a gentle nudge to post a few photos. Alicia took a night walk the other night and so in keeping with the nightime spirit, I went out tonight and shot a few pics. If you look closely into the front room pictures, you can see all of my master bathroom supplies on my piano....we are still living out of boxes here.. remodeling and moving furniture from room to room as we attack each new project. BUT.. at the end of each day are the fabulous sunsets out the back door...

I truly HEART our new home.... and now so do all of the teens who live with me.... and that my friends is BIG !!!