Thursday, August 31, 2006


This last week I managed to work myself into a tizzy...the temperature has been over 100 for 2 weeks and the buyers of our house had 4 different inspections over the course of 2 what does a girl do when she has worked herself into a tizzy???
She calls her MOM.... and after about 5 minutes of mom-talk.... I was fine... we concluded that all of the events of the past week had been a blessing.... but truthfully... the BIG BLESSING of the week was my MOM ! Thanks MOM !!!

Picture: Old French Armoire that my mom gave me when my parents made the move from their big house to their small house.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


My house smells good today... there is a cake in the oven... and the aroma of chocolate has spread thru the downstairs. HS son is another year older... wow ! When we returned to the hillcountry in August... I noticed that he was now a hair taller than my 6'3" DH... At 17 he has a big booming voice... but often slips and still calls me mommy... he is driving the car some... but still plays basketball with whomever comes into our yard, regardless of their age.... going to the movie theatre is still his most favorite treat...he's playing golf with his Dad on the weekends... no girls yet... he's still a little shy.... but I know that could change...any minute !! Happy Birthday HS son !
Now I better go get that cake out of the oven before a different aroma fills the house.... and by the way... where is the #*!@ box of kleenex ????

Monday, August 21, 2006



College Princes : Why are you selling our house ?

HS Princess : That doesnt look like the right house for us.

HS Son : I like the house we live in.

DH : Why are you kids torturing your Mom ?

Me: Maybe I am buying the new house for ME... and your daddy....

CAN YOU BELIEVE I SAID THAT ????? In the 19 years that I have had kids I have never uttered the words: maybe I am doing
it for ME.... reminds me of Toby Keiths song.... every once in awhile... I wanna talk about me me me me me ! (CAPELLO)

Things have calmed down quite a bit since monday... and one of the reasons is that our new house has one of these

Sunday, August 20, 2006

WHY ???

My week in a nutshell :

7= number of nights we ate out
6= number of days the temp was over 100
5= number of times i threw up
4= number of BLOCKS i am moving
3= number of kids who started school this week
2= number of days it took to sell my house
1=number of times i went to the grocery store
0=number of times i slept thru the night.

WHY???? do women torture themselves so ???? This whole real estate move was a spur of the moment thing.... kind of...I love to look at houses... in magazines, on hgtv,on blogs, driving, walking, and in the newspaper. So when a realtor friend called me for the 3rd TIME about a house in our neighborhood that was for sale.... I acquiesed and went to see it...fell iin love... so I took a gamble and put our house on the market the next day . SOLD IN 2 DAYS.... so either I sold way too cheap or........... it was meant to be... I am going was meant to be....serendipitious... I thought of you A. this week !

picture: my piano from childhood... in a room designed to be the dining room... but it is our piano room... and see the white bookshelves? They used to be 3 separate wood colored shelves...we screwed them together, added some trim and painted cream.... being on a budget forces creativity !!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

MY Table

This is the table that my mom bought for me at a garage sale years ago.
This is the table where I write to my bloggy friends
This is the table where I eat with my dh and teens
This is the table where we have celebrated 16 years of holidays
This is the table in the heart of our house....
our house that I just SOLD....

I think I am happy, I am sad, I am anxious,
I am confident... I am a little crazy...
but then you all know what I am talkin about !

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Guest Blogger

My friend Pattie emailed me the other day .... "if I only had a blog ", she said.... "I would write about how grateful I am for all of these bikes" Pattie has an only child, a young teen son, and at the moment she shot the picture... she had a house full of teen age boys...teen age boys who had found refuge from the hill country heat in her home sweet home...... so no... they didnt come to my house... they went to hers...which says alot about what kind of mom she is.... and the fact that she is grateful for all of those bikes says alot about what kind of person she is..... and the fact that she is my friend, well I am a pretty lucky gal !

Saturday, August 12, 2006

I miss you Andrea Edwards !!

One of my favorite bloggers was Andrea Edwards, artist, humorist,mother to 4. Her writings made me laugh, her pictures made me ooooh and awe, and her comments always made my day. She stopped blogging suddenly.... and I miss her! She loves pale walls and white slipcovers and bright art and I always wanted to show her how similiar both of our living rooms are. So here ya go A. if you are watching..... I took some pictures of my hill country white slipcovers.... just for you .... and all of my other sweet bloggy buds too !

Friday, August 11, 2006

Serendipity.... indeed....

In July the teens and I flew back to the hill country to attend a wedding. We left the mid 70s of the New England Coast for the high humid 90s of Texas ! It was a special wedding for us... the bride was the teens first babysitter and the mother of the bride was the teens kindergarten teacher and one of my bestest friends. It HAD to be a special day to get me to fly back to this heat.... I never come back here in July.... I usually wait until the day before school starts to come back to the heat. BUT during my July wedding visit, I looked at my DH and announced " I am going to change my reservations and come back 2 weeks early"... well I got full eye conact from DH on that one ! "Why ?" he asked. " I dont know... I just have to get back home "... and I was shaking as I said it.

I won't bore you with the complicated details... but we did get back to the hill country 10 days ago.....
And yesterday morning when I woke up and saw the terrorist airplane plot news.... I was soooo glad I wasnt at the airport with 3 teens...yesterday was the day we were originally scheduled to fly back home..... serendipity indeed.