Sunday, August 20, 2006

WHY ???

My week in a nutshell :

7= number of nights we ate out
6= number of days the temp was over 100
5= number of times i threw up
4= number of BLOCKS i am moving
3= number of kids who started school this week
2= number of days it took to sell my house
1=number of times i went to the grocery store
0=number of times i slept thru the night.

WHY???? do women torture themselves so ???? This whole real estate move was a spur of the moment thing.... kind of...I love to look at houses... in magazines, on hgtv,on blogs, driving, walking, and in the newspaper. So when a realtor friend called me for the 3rd TIME about a house in our neighborhood that was for sale.... I acquiesed and went to see it...fell iin love... so I took a gamble and put our house on the market the next day . SOLD IN 2 DAYS.... so either I sold way too cheap or........... it was meant to be... I am going was meant to be....serendipitious... I thought of you A. this week !

picture: my piano from childhood... in a room designed to be the dining room... but it is our piano room... and see the white bookshelves? They used to be 3 separate wood colored shelves...we screwed them together, added some trim and painted cream.... being on a budget forces creativity !!


Alicia A. said...

I'm sure your new home will be just as lovely and cozy as this one.

Hope you're feeling better about it all soon. (And your tummy too.)

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

"You feel in love" and the doors swung open, it is wonderful when life gives you your dream. Your new home will be filled withthe music of your creativity and beauty!
We moved two years ago, I couldn't image moving out of our home of 12 years...but the moment our things were unpacked and settled, I felt a rush of happiness and never looked back!

capello said...

Love your piano room!

Jana said...

WOW! You sold your house quickly so you're right, it WAS meant to be. Love your number list but am sorry to hear you haven't been feeling nor sleeping well. :-(

paris parfait said...

Wow! Serendipity is right! Sounds like everything is falling into place and you'll have a busy and exciting time packing/unpacking and creating a new nest. P.S. I have a McCoy swan vase like yours.

berriehead said...

OOOH moving? ahhh embrace change & enjoy dear friend!

susan said...

there you go... it will be wonderful!