Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Guest Blogger

My friend Pattie emailed me the other day .... "if I only had a blog ", she said.... "I would write about how grateful I am for all of these bikes" Pattie has an only child, a young teen son, and at the moment she shot the picture... she had a house full of teen age boys...teen age boys who had found refuge from the hill country heat in her home sweet home...... so no... they didnt come to my house... they went to hers...which says alot about what kind of mom she is.... and the fact that she is grateful for all of those bikes says alot about what kind of person she is..... and the fact that she is my friend, well I am a pretty lucky gal !


capello said...

Wow, I'd be grateful for all those bikes too.

When I was a kid I rarely had friends over... and they weren't exactly welcomed a lot; I hope to be very different.

Jana said...

What an awesome photo op!! Lord knows I've had that same scene in my front yard many a days and never even thought to take a pic. What a bad scrapbooker I am!!!!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

and those are lucky kids!
What a lovely thought to appreciate those bikes, to see beyond the tangled twist of iron and tires!

susan said...

awh how lovely that woman is. much more lovely than me. for sure!
nice shot of a mess o bikes. really!