Saturday, February 14, 2009

*9 Months Later...

....A dining room is born.

 Here is a picture of our dining room when we viewed the house to buy it... so this is the WAY BEFORE picture.  
* awkward arch in the wall,
*the carpet (that was covering up plywood, and beautiful wood floors that had been mistreated)
*acoustic ceiling tiles (we found plywood underneath those)
*wall papered  thin wall board

The next photo was shot looking into the dining room from the living room and in it you can see the workmen are enclosing the lovely hole that existed between the dining room and kitchen. Also notice the turquoise shelves.... and the lovely arched opening is GONE!

A view from the kitchen into the Dining Room before the opening was enclosed

and the dining room as it looks today... you can see a big influence from my favorite blogger,
Joni, from Cote de Texas who writes a blog I visit daily.  As I told her, I am not a consistent blogger, nor am I a consistent commenter, but I am a consistently huge fan of Joni as well as several other design blogs out there.  

The wall color is Ralph Lauren Putty, trim is Pratt and Lambert Seed Pearl.  The zebra rug was purchased online from, the white slipcovered chairs I picked up from the antique mall for $25 each.... and the McCoy vases I have collected for years.... the fireplace is from Lowes 75% markdown and the mirror was purchased from RED in Fredericksburg Texas.

Here are a few more shots... one  from the living room into the dining room

and from the kitchen into the dining room

It has been a L-O-N-G nine months, but I am so pleased with the results of our labor and the whole house renovation. Thanks to  my mom for taking the pictures and thanks to all you design bloggers out there who filled my head with inspiration! 

More pictures to come!