Saturday, April 01, 2006

Lets Talk About Me....

Signatures... an identifying or distinquishing feature .
This was harder to do than I originally thought... but here are a few of my signatures:
1.Big sunglasses and Big earrings . I usually wear both... the earrings of choice these days are large hoops.. why big earrings ? partially bc I am a southern girl and my hair is shoulder length.... which leads me to ...
2.My southern accent there is no guessing where I am from,its imbedded in me and I just can't seem to shake it !!!
3.My remodel projects... my friends always ask... " what are you working on now ?" I love to rehab homes ... I have done 3 in the last few years . The attached picture is a photo of my most recent Hill Country rehab .
4.My queso and my cream cheese brownies... those are the items I am always asked to bring for a get together.
5.My apple laptop.... take it everywhere with me... love it.
6.Diet Dr. Pepper and Starbucks !
7. Stacks of books and to read
8.Fleamarket decorating.... love to find cheap nothings and make big somethings !
9. My calendar/ organizer... use it faithfully..
10.My chair... I sit there to read, to talk, to work on my laptop, and to think... it is my command central.


capello said...

How's that apple laptop workin' out for you? We're looking at laptops and I'd love an apple, but we can't afford a play laptop, let alone a real one.

And that house you fixed sure is purty.

Chasity said...

WOW! what a beautiful home! it's amazing! You did a knock out job! :)

Jana said...

Oh my, that house is totally making me drool.....I love it! Love your list too, sounds like we would get along famously!!!!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

my signatures:
1 lipstick
2 wrapping gifts up with a flare
3 parties chez nous!
4 dancing with my husband
5 vegetarian
6 fleamarket finds decor
7 powerful prayer
8 good listening ear
9 early riser,
10 clean house
Mosty silly things, but they are things that people would say true about me!

berriehead said...

Oh your a gal afta my own heart! we've got lots in common! great house!

capello said...

Seriously awaiting a new post so I can get that Toby Keith song out of my head already.