Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ace Who ???

I am sure many of you do not know about Ace...

Five years ago when our High School Princess was a Grade School Princess she loved to read books, play board games, play kickball, and very seldom watched TV. During the summer of 2001, grade school princess began watching a TV program with her older sister and I would hear whoops, exclamations, and "oh my gawdddddds" from the back room of our house. Then, constant chatter about Kelley, Justin, and Tamyra all week long. My curiosity peaked... what was this program luring my grade school princess ? I decided to investigate for myself... and that my friends was the beginning of my addiction to American Idol.

I watch American Idol every Tuesday with my kids and dh.... in fact I dont answer the phone on Tuesdays from 7-8. I love so many aspects about our American Idol experience... I love to see the High School Princess enjoy something so much, I love to see the contestants develop into performers, I love cheering for our favorites, I love seeing the older guest artists help prepare the contestants for a show, and I love that AI is a profanity free program that teens and families can enjoy together. I am truly... hopelessly... addicted... I guess my addiction could be worse !

And so... who is Ace ? He was the latest American Idol contestant to leave the show.

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