Monday, April 17, 2006

Dear College Princess,

Dear College Princess,
I am writing this letter to tell you how proud of you I am ! This past week you showed me how wise you have become ... by listening to your gut instincts. An acquaintance of yours wanted to set you up with a fellow who was Mr. Wonderful: he was handsome, smart, and had everything going for him. Well... you talked to Mr. Wonderful a few times on the phone and indeed he seemed very charming in his attempts to woo you for a date. Yet you held back... telling me "Mom, something is just not right... I just feel it inside of me ". The boy kept calling... and the girl friends kept on encouraging you to go . Yet you kept listening to that little voice inside . Later that week you mentioned the struggle you were having to a friend in your kinesthetic class . Small villages that college campuses are, your friend happened to know Mr. Wonderful and told you about her dating experience with him . Her experiences validated your little voices inside. I say HOORAY for YOU college princess....

HOORAY for listening to your gut !! You have reached a vital milestone that many adults have not yet conquered !

Isnt that right girls ???

Love you tons, Mom


Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

follow your heart is the best rule! Good on your daughter!!

Chasity said...

awesome! instinct is hard to follow...always trying to talk yourself out of it...good for her that she listened! :)

capello said...

Good for her!

And you're right -- very few adults listen to that gut of theirs.

berriehead said...

we gals really truly do have great instinct sometimes it's too good;o) keep on following your heart & gut!