Sunday, April 23, 2006

Child Abuse ?

I happily do all the laundry in our house. I love the sorting, soaking, folding, hanging, and drying things just the perfect amount of time so that they air dry wrinkle free. I guess my laundry routine fulfills all of those little OCD tendencies that my family is constantly reminding me that I have. NO ONE touches the laundry except me...

Last week one of the teens in our house was battling a rash over much of her body... we tried creams, soaking in the tub and scheduled a visit to the dermatologist .... then last Saturday I looked at her legs AGAIN and had one of those *AHA* moments...

not a deep one like Oprah talks about... but an AHA moment "lite" ..

It was those *!#** dryer sheets that I use when I lovingly dry the bed linens. Bounce was causing her rash.... and sure enough after I De-BOUNCED her linens... the rash is disappearing.

High school princess is threatening to call DHS to report me for child abuse.

I told her I would take a time out instead.


capello said...

Bounce is so evil -- even the "anti-allergy" one makes our youngest break out.

So glad you figured it out.

(and if this is considered child abuse in your home, your children live amazing lives)

Chasity said...

:) so glad you found the culprit!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

That is why I never use those sort of things, just another added chemical...natural is always best.