Saturday, April 15, 2006

Associates ???

The High School princess who lives in our house loves to tell us great tales from school. One of the recurring high school characters in her tales is a jovial, but reluctant student named Dejeuner. Yes dejeuner is the french word for dinner , le petite-dejeuner would be the midday meal. HS princess says that her friend Dejeuner is a pretty girl who resembles Mandeesa from American Idol (HS princess' favorite show). One day during math class Dejeuner was talking about her two boyfriends.

HS princess wanting to confirm the number, asked " You have two boyfriends Dejeuner ?" .

"Yeah girl... I got two boyfriends and five associates " replied Dejeuner.

"Why 2 boyfriends and what is an associate ? "

Dejeuner quickly explained" Well one boyfriend at school and another boyfriend from the neighborhood. Associates are my peeps who move up to boyfriend in case one of the boyfriends doesnt do right and I fire him. ... how many boyfriends do you have ? "

"Oh.....none.... I dont like high school boys " replies my High School princess.

Hmmmmmm.... associates ?????? What a concept !!! This week we went to see In the Lead with Antonio Banderas... I think I will make Antonio an associate... thats the ticket !!


Chasity said...

that's hysterical...i could probably use a couple associates myself....even have a few in mind! LOL

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

well I learned something new, gee i wish I knew this before!

capello said...

Oh, I could have a whole list of associates... but I don't think my husband would appreciate that!