Tuesday, June 06, 2006

DOOR : Before and After

Recent renovation conversation at our house at the seacoast .

ME : I am thinking about painting the front door a new color... what do ya think ???

DH:" umm"... as he stared at me with a "I've just been captured by the Iraquis " look.

ROSEMARY : "I think you should paint it a purply-blue color "

TEENS: " Oh gaaaaaaaaawd... do NOT paint it PURPLE ... that is sooooo bad MOM "

So... guess what I did ?

Yup.... it is purply blue... and I just love it. Thank you Rosemary !

What do you think ? Doesnt it say come on into this fun house ????

As for the family.... DH is thrilled that his consulting services are no longer needed... and the teens... well its growing on them.


paris parfait said...

Love the colour! It's inspired.

Alicia A. said...

I think it looks great! LOVE the purple. It's very charming.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

The door too is different, as are the outside lights? Well, I would have never beleived it would look as good as it does! What a blod step to make, and that says alot about the person... interesting personality, one without fear!
Fantastic, to be who you are and dare yourself to create when those around you disagree! That is powerful symbolism that blue purple door!

I think a chunky checkered mat would add a fine touch too!

Wonderful You!!

andrea said...

I love it! I have a white house with a cranberry colored door and my husband wasn't too keen on the idea at first too. Now he loves it too.
Your door is really beautiful.

Jana said...

LOVE it! I SO wish my door would look good as a bright color but it just wouldn't unfortunately. :-(

AnnieElf said...

This is a GREAT door. So glad you weren't discouraged and DID it.

susan said...

purple is good ...

Anonymous said...

After you finish the book, think about hanging a red hat on your fabulous purple door. Pleast note I used capitals. kkkkkkk