Friday, June 09, 2006

10 Things I am gonna do when the RAIN stops.

Picture of my friend , Rosemary's new garden center


10 Things I am going to do when this *#@@!!** rain stops.

1. Go outside and enjoy the fresh air.

2. Sit in an adirondack chair in my yard and read a book

3. Visit my friend Rosemary's new garden center and buy some plants.

4. Take some pictures of all the beautiful things on the seacoast.

6. Walk, walk, walk and never stop !

7. Go to the beach.

8 Go to the outdoor flea market.

9. Use my outdoor grill .

10. Send my kids outside and lock...oops I mean accidently lock the door.


paris parfait said...

Sounds like so much fun! Hope you get to enjoy better weather soon.

capello said...

I wanna go to the garden center too!

And can ya send the rain here? Please? My roses are frying instead of blooming.

Alicia A. said...

Yes, we DO need rain.

All your plans sound great!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Lock the door! LOL! Right I got it, it has been raining and you have been stuck in the house with three teenagers...FUN!!

mary jane said...

Sorry to hear about all the rain....I agree the door needs to be locked.....sunny days are on their way....

juliebean said...

Sorry about your being somewhat waterlogged...Personally, I love rain...I wish we'd get a lot of rain over this way...Thanks for the birthday greetings! (and I like the sound of the outdoor grill, lol)

susan said...

this looks lovely! where is it? I want to go here... thank goodness this rain is DONE!