Friday, June 16, 2006


..spoke four languages
..broke an olympic record
..designed secret runways
..served 3 wars
..played in 2 bands
..served as mayor pro tem
..was grandpa to my 3
..yelled at crazy drivers
..made me laugh !

I miss you Daddy !
I think of you when I look outside and see the birdhouse.

Happy Fathers Day Daddy !


paris parfait said...

Such a lovely tribute to your dad. Thank you for a glimpse into the wonderful man he was!

mary jane said...

I understand that empty space...

andrea said...

That was beautiful. What an amazing man I'm sure he was.

juliebean said...

As Mary Jane said, 'I understand that empty space...' This is a beautiful post! Simply beautiful.

Jana said...

Wow, sounds like your father was an amazing man! What a beautiful tribute.

Delaleuverses said...

Sweet dedication to your dad, I really enjoyed

LaVonne said...

I remember how friendly your dad was. Always smiling and so very charming. I miss him too.