Thursday, June 22, 2006

Visit To ARTstream

I promised Susan 2 weeks ago that I would visit one day .....and today I snuck away to go 30 miles to visit her art studio in Rochester New Hampshire. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a drive, although it was 70 here and 84 there.
Weird, huh ?

Anyway... it was kind of a big trip for me...I had been all the way from Texas to New England and thru cyber - blog land by the time my little car pulled up in front of the ARTstream Studio. I was pretty proud of myself as I walked past the pretty window boxes and up to the front door of the studio... then I saw this sign :

Uh-oh as I giggled to myself.. I thought they were open on Thursdays... but now that I am a "bloggie", I whipped out my everready camera and clicked some photos and peered thru the front window at all of those delightful pieces of art I had seen on her website... as I had my nose pressed up to the window ooohing over the art inside.. a man came to the door and to let me in ... seems they WERE open.. he just forgot to take down the closed sign.

Ah her studio is just lovely... old worn wooden floors, with crisp white walls, and bright contemporary art pieces, with soft day light pouring in. Saw so many things I loved, but decided to come back when I knew Susan would be there and she could show me around. I know some teens who will love some of those earrings she has for sale ! You can view Susan's art blog at

Thanks Susan for pulling me in the direction of a new town and new art ! I am so glad I hung around even though the closed sign was up ... only next time I will let you know for sure when I am coming ! Here are a few exterior shots


susan said...

ah haaaa Diana! poo! i am sorry i wasn't here. had to run the daughters up to their fathers. rats! i am so glad you visited us at ARTstream... :-)
please DO let me know when you are coming by and we will have lunch and talk of art!
thanks for the nice photos! (even our closed sign...) my husband has been so busy he just forgot it was up!

capello said...

That looks like an awesome store... no pics inside? Phewey! (I know, I know, copyrights)

Chasity said...

oooh! i'm so glad it was open!!!! :)

paris parfait said...

What a fun adventure! Good for you for making the trek for art!

susan said...

hi diana, i am going to link to my site with this post, so people can go look inside.... hope capello and others will take a peek too!
see you soonly!
will pick a date...

susan said...

oopies no link back from here, so:
go here all:
there ya go. inside photos...

diana said...

Oh Susan... i do not know how to link... even though
Capello sent me a tutorial... I also included the url for your site on the post... perhaps when we lunch you
can show me hands on how to link... gawwwd I wish
I was more computer competan. oh well.. room to grow ... room to grow ~

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Oh two friends, I hope we can meet here one day!! Sorry a closed sign was there!