Monday, December 04, 2006

A Good Kick

"Mom... do you know what I would love to do this afternoon ? "

I am thinking she is going to say... put on our jammies and watch a movie together since I was out of town ALLLL day yesterday.

"I really really want to go to our favorite restaurant in our favorite little town in the hill country"

The restaurant is 65 miles away.

"How about we go to our favorite restaurant in town ?" I offer.

"Nooooo Mom"

"How about we wait for your Daddy and brother to get home first" I counter-offer.

"Nooo Mom... just you and me... it will be fun... we can play our favorite CDs and talk all the way... it will be fun."

So we sang to our favorite CDs and talked and talked as we drove thru the fall colored hill country. And while we ate at our favorite little restaurant in our favorite little town in the hill country... she said "See Mom.. sometimes you just need a good kick to get going and have a good time. "

As we drove back towards home with the moon and city lights in front of us she said,"This is my favorite part. when we drive over the bridge back into the city. Aren't you glad you went Mom ?"

Yes sweetie... I am very very glad I went.

picture: my Daddy's boots... he knew how to kick up his heels ..abit.


Alicia A. said...

This is the teenager, right?

Lordy, lady. You've got nice kids.

capello said...

(alicia is making me giggle)

sounds like a lovely time, just the girls.

of course, "just the girls" in my house means me BY MYSELF which is totally what i'm getting ready to do.

paris parfait said...

Great post - sounds vaguely familiar - a daughter's power of persuasion. :) What a lovely time - and yes, sometimes we all need a kick in the paints. :)