Thursday, September 21, 2006

Stabbed !!!

This morning as I was slugging my tired achy body out of the grocery store I ran into my mom.

"Whats wrong with your hand ?"she asked.

"I stabbed myself"


"I stabbed myself as I was making salad for dinner last night"

In one split second my mom pushed her cart away and said "We are going to the hospital right this minute "
So 2 hours later.... I am all fixed up.....deep gash about 1 inch from the jugular... I will be packing boxes one handed.

PS yes i really did stab was the all american scene at our house that early evening... hubby outside grilling , I was inside chopping veggies for salad, and the teens upstairs doing homework... when all of a sudden I decided that my knife wasnt sharp enough... so I began sharpening the knife... and on one of the sharpening swings... the knife went into my wrist instead of onto the sharpener.... aghh.... blood everywhere... and suddenly the all american scene at our house looked like a murder scene instead.

Picture: Bouys in New England last week


Alicia A. said...

What?! You really stabbed yourself? Are you ok? Did you have to get stitches?!

capello said...

You went to the grocery store, Mecca of all evil infectious strains of bacteria and viruses, with an OPEN WOUND?

And people think I'm crazy.

andrea said...

Omg, you poor thing! Thank goodness for nosy mothers!!! Glad you are all put back together.

paris parfait said...

Good heavens! Hope all is well now. Take it easy with those knives! Your description of it looking like a murder scene reminded me of the time my daughter dropped a bottle of red nail polish, which bounced off the carpet, spilling polish on the carpet and splattering the walls and bookshelves. It looked like a murder scene too. Sigh. Am glad you weren't hurt worse! Lovely photo.

Jana said...

WHAT??? OMG, I hope you're healing up alright! Cripes Girl!

berriehead said...

eeeesh been there done that:( it is scary...I sliced the palm of my hand on accident with a box cutter ( yes I was too excited cutting open a box that was just deliverered...and just started to slice away not paying attention..ended up with 10 sutures...heal up girlie! I'm glad you're ok:) XO

george said...

omg! when was this? did you have stitches? i should have showed you my ankle. i cut it shaving and bled for days! no wonder you are stressed, with the moving, too! Take care!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

Oh my, did you really want a bloody mary before dinner!?
Did you scream? I wished I lived closer I would help you pack!
Sounds like a scene out of a movie! Thank God your Mom took you to the hospital!
Do NOT pack the knives!!

berriehead said...

do you know how sweet you are??? well let me tell you! sweeter then a million bags of sugar! Thanks for your visits and for pausing to say hi! How's that wound?? hope it's healing perfectly! xoxo

p.s. mmmmm bloddy marys are my before supper drink of choice too! hahahaha!

Mary Jane said...

Hope your feeling better...thank god for mom's that make us go to the doctor even when we don't want to go.