Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Surprise a year ago..

The College Princess in our life loves surprises. She is frequently planning surprise brithday parties for her friends and I knew she secretly yearned to be surprised herself. In our house it is next to impossible to keep birthday plans a surprise... so I knew planning a surprise birthday for her would not work.

Instead I planned a different surprise for her last year as she was preparing to graduate from high school. I planned a party and invited all of the special people who had a gentle hand in her development during her 18 years. The guests included favorite teachers from preschool, elementary school, junior high, and high school and some of her favorite babysitters . I asked each person to write a short letter to her with their favorite princessmemory and words of advice for her first year away from home. It was soooo top secret... I never made any phone contacts from the house... I told DH at a location away from home.... and miraculously... I pulled it off... the princess was surprised... and almost as important... the younger princess was also surprised.. if you catch my drift.

Anyway... what a special evening we had...we met at an outdoor restaurant in the hill country... we shared we laughed we cried and we celebrated sending our young girl into the world.

Picture :hs teacher,2nd grade,junior high teachers, kindergarten teacher, babysitter..i love them all !


Alicia A. said...

What a wonderful idea! And so sweet of all those teachers to attend. What a lucky daughter you have.

paris parfait said...

What a fabulous celebration! And nothing short of miraculous that you were able to keep it a real surprise! What happy memories you've made for your daughter. Beautiful!

diana said...

oh yes the teachers were so sweet to come... most of them have had all 3 of my babes... and they actually loved this idea.. told me no one else had ever done anything like it.

andrea said...

What an awesome feast of food, friends and family. That is so cool! You are such a great Mommy.