Monday, March 27, 2006


My interest in blogs began about a year ago. As I casually began exploring
on line journals, I was just amazed at the beauty of some , the rawness of others, and the
"realness" of many. In my blog journeys... I found bloggy sister-friends all over the world ! It was months before I dared to post a comment…but,eventually I was generous with my bloggy comments !

I knew I could never be a “real” sister-friend until I took the plunge and began my own blog…all the while wondering…. What the* double hockey sticks* (thanks berriehead) do I have to say ? I am still not sure what I have to say… but I DO know that I decided to blog because of my desire to STRETCH….
to stretch and find out what I have to say…
to stretch my circle of bloggy sister-friends,
to stretch my ability to string written words together ,
and to stretch my brain to think about new things in new ways .

So… I wonder bloggy sister-friends… what made you decide to take the plunge and blog ?


dolly said...

found ya! haha! isn't the blogging world great? love the pic of your room


berriehead said...

I blog cause it's fun! well that and it's a way to connect with so many like minded gals from all around the globe;o)it's neat to see how many things we have in common* and neat to learn new ideas for living too* you'll love it too!

berriehead said...


ya have a h e double hockey stix of a lot to say so spill it!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

I didn't know what a blog was four months friend dared me to write my stories down, She double dared me..I love challenges.

Jana said...

Hi Diana! Thanks for visiting my blog today. Your's is looking great, your sunporch is just lovely.....I hope to have a room like that someday. About your blog, just write about daily life, your thoughts, dreams, opinions about things, it's all interesting to me!

capello said...

I started blogging because I was no longer functioning due to all the crap swarming around in my mind.

Why'd you start? And it's lookin' good, btw.

Chasity said...

look at you...just blogging away in blogland like you've been doing in for eons! i love it!
i'm pretty sure you know why i blog ...for me. to process life. to talk, even if not to be heard but to speak with honesty and diliberation. for fun. to connect to kind, dear souls like you! :)