Sunday, March 26, 2006


Its a beautiful* warm spring day in the hill country... change is all around... the sky is bright blue, the sun is shining ....our neighborhood is swarming with kids and bikes and
parents and spring clean up.... the trees have new leaves ,my adirondack chairs are out front, the flower pots have new flowers,...... AND THIS HILL COUNTRY MOM HAS A NEW BLOG !!!!!!
Any advice ? ???? and what is wallpaper ???? next.... I want to produce a post with a photo...... whoa we go....... wish me luck !


capello said...

Good luck!

(wall paper is your background)

(to post a photo, while you are writing, click the little landscape icon between and ABC and white eraser. watch out -- my photos post funny. and the more pix you add, the kinda stack on top of each other, instead of going under each other)

diana said...

thanks girl... I followed your directions... and
voila.. my next post has a picture... yipeee !!!

Chasity said...

i'm so stinkin' excited that you are FINALLY blogging!!!! yay!!! now i can really keep up with you! :) lookin' good!