Friday, September 04, 2009

hanging onto the last days of summer

Last week I arranged the last of summer hydrangeas into the blue willow ginger jar in our bedroom. It is so late in the season, these flowers can dry in the ginger jar, retaining their muted color well into spring.

As I began writing this post, my eye caught The Wentworth-by-the-sea hotel in the mantel picture. I love the Wentworth and its rich history. The Wentworth was built in 1874 in New Castle NH (Portsmouth) and served as an east coast resort for many years. In 1905, Teddy Roosevelt brought the peace talks between Russia and Japan to the Wentworth. These peace talks resulted in the Portsmouth Treaty and brought the end of the Russo-Japanese War. TR won a nobel peace prize for overseeing these peace talks. Sadly, during the 1980s-1990s the hotel was closed and scheduled for tear down. Yes tear down.. however, the local community founded the "Friends of the Wentworth" which eventually became the catalyst for saving this wonderful piece of history from destruction. Today, the Wentworth-by-the-sea has been totally renovated and operates as a full resort and a wonderful piece of history.

Finding myself still hanging onto the colors of a summer garden.... but knowing that here in Maine the mornings are crisper, the sun sets earlier, and believe it or not Halloween is 47 days away.

Not quite ready for pumpkins yet.... but soon.


Cote de Texas said...

That's your mantel? It's gorgeous!!! what a blog!!!!!

the gardeners cottage said...

Beautiful still life. I really love your blog! It seems like you really have a love and respect for history also. Will enjoy reading your older posts.


Maria Killam said...

I love the word serendipity! What a great idea for name! Your hydrangeas are beautiful!

Thank you for your lovely note!

Terry said...

I vote with Joni on your mantel and how you've dressed it. Here in Atlanta, I like fall OK. And I want a couple of cold days to get the kudzu and mosquitoes. But I prefer perspiration to shivering.

Jacci said...

Hi, Diana :) I followed your CDT comment over to visit your blog. I like your mantel, too! Hydrangeas are so lovely, and the ginger jar doesn't hurt :)

So, I think - if I'm reading your posts correctly - that you're in Maine now and living in the house with the bright blue front door and the star on the siding? Is that right?

We're a "larger: family, too, with four children and we moved into a dark and drab 1983 split level 9 months ago. We're making slow progress, but at least it's progress!

Your table looks lovely, btw :)

Take care,

for the love of a house said...

I'm with you, not quite ready to do pumpkins yet, but soon!!
Love your mantle! And I love blue & white double happiness jars- have a few;) myself!!
Enjoy this gorgeous Fall day!